Monday, October 15, 2012

9.5mm only thickness, four-core CPU Ramos W30 white edition new exposure

The time for Samsung Exynos quad-core Cortex A9 CPU+quad-core Mali400 GPU 4412 Ramos W30 Android tablet's showing in market is closer and closer.Not only there is black editon W30,but also white edition.

The front of white editon is white, but the back is still the same--silver aluminum alloy metal cover. The thickness of Ramos W30 is 9.5mm only. It's real ultra-thin body design.

Let's compare with the same CPU tablet Samsung Note10.1. The thickness of those 2 tablets are similar, but Ramos W30 looks a little thinner. The Ramos W30 is more convenient to take.

Ramos W30 uses 1280*800 pixel super HD 10.1'' display. We compared with the Samsung Note10.1, the performance of W30 is very excellent. Cause of the limitation of photos,we could not able to show.

Even the angle of view is bigger than 170 degree, it can still have very good performance.

Generally speaking, Ramos W30 is designed for easy-taking. It's thinner and lighter. For games or movies fans,it is a very good choice Android tablet.

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