Friday, June 15, 2012

Fix "start kernel failed" for Zenithink C91 upgrade zt-282 edition

For some Zenithink users may face the following message "start kernel failed press CAMERA KEY to update".If this occurs,please firstly try to re-install the firmware.If that not works,please try the following steps:

Note:This is a example for Zenithink C91 upgrade zt-282 H3_1a 8gb edtion. If you have other device or not sure what version you have,please ask us to confirm by providing your serial number in the tablet first.

1.Charge your tablet and get ready one formatted micro-SD card (2gb is recommended);
2.Download the latest firmware from ;Extract it and find the "zt-update" folder and copy the folder into the root of micro-sd card;
3.Download the autoscript,spl: ; extract it you will get 3 files and copy the 3 files into the "zt-update" folder in the sd card;
4.Turn of your tablet,and insert the sd card into the tablet and power up.It will auto update;
5.When it is over,power off the tablet.Eject sd card and delete the files: autoscript,ZT282.spl;
6.Insert the sd card back to the tablet,press "back" button (top right corner),at the same time,press power button until it goes to update mode.follow the instruction in the screen and do the update.

After finish,try to reboot your tablet see if it works.

If you have any doubt about this,don't hesitate to let us know.

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